Speaking Topics

All speeches can be delivered in German or English.
In his inspiring keynotes, Karel passionately and convincingly explains why we have to rethink innovation and illustrates what it can look like within companies. What’s needed is the courage to change, the ability to innovate and act, the creation of circular systems, and the charting of a path that will ensure a sustainable future for us and the next generation.

By using numerous best practice examples, the entrepreneur, business owner, and business romantic will challenge common innovation principles and encourage new thinking.

All keynotes can be delivered in German or English.

Speaking Topics

In his inspirational speeches, Karel illustrates why innovation capability is the ultimate human skill that’s needed to secure the future of business and society. The ability to innovate enables us to take action and implement solutions to help our companies, systems, and societies not only survive but also thrive.
By using numerous best practice examples, the entrepreneur, business owner, and business romantic will challenge common innovation principles and encourage new thinking.

Circular Economy & Behavioural Change:

Going upstream

Could it be possible for sustainability, marketing and economic growth to work side by side? Or are they repellent poles? We all know value chains. But are we really talking about chains or rather about loose strands with an unmanageable end?

When we make this end the beginning, we are going upstream. Because the early strategic decision for circular design as well as new thinking and targeted activities will eliminate the concept of waste. Products and their packagings are kept in use and resource cycles will be closed.

Karel Golta Speaker Circular Economy
Karel Golta Speaker Circular Economy
Karel Golta Speaker Circular Economy

Recode Innovation:


Innovation has to change radically and we need to change dramatically, otherwise our “Innovation Legacy” will remain a complicated one. We cannot continue to innovate and just focus on the positive effects, while disregarding that a lot of innovation comes at a cost. We don’t need more inflationary and redundant inventions but rather brave, lateral thinkers who approach problems differently. Will all the innovation rebels please line up?

Circular Economy & Behavioural Change:

Why ketchup will not safe the planet

The world is on fire. Whilst a worldwide pandemic is turning our life upside down, we realize more than ever before: it is time for change.

Because if our daily work is in question, Innovation as we know it for sure is, too. We are at a tipping point, and we are the last generation that can induce the so desperately needed transformation for a sustainable plant. But where do we start? How do we go about? And what role does Ketchup play?

Karel Golta_Speaker_Circular Economy1

The Ability to act


Enterprises throughout all industries are challenged by digitization and surrounding technologies. Collaboration between teams and AI is essential to stay competitive and innovative.

Nevertheless a lot of companies still have not defined their digital strategy, others fail transforming it into real business. As long as the future cannot be predicted, it’s time for more courage, more knowledge and the imagination, how people and machines can turn into the perfect team and into the competitive advantage.

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Speaker_AI_Artificial Intelligence_Karel Golta_3

Thinking differently:

Rethinking material (Turning pollutants systematically into valuable resources)

Our world has been forged with and by matter. Over millennia humans have perfected their mastery over the tangible with bare hands.

Can our mind alone use the power of materials to save the planet? What type of innovations are needed today – to serve generations to come?

By the means of System Thinking, Material as a Service and Innovation Rebels, I will showcase how the ecosystem of materials needs to be rethought for the sake of a sustainable future.

Karel Golta_Speaker_Circularity3
Karel Golta_Speaker_Circularity2
Karel Golta_Speaker_Circularity1

The Ability to act:


We don’t need more sugarcoating of AI, automation and robotics, or more sales pitches of convenience technologies by consultants and marketing agencies. Instead, we need to ask ourselves: “How do we exercise our human agency?”
Today, more than ever, the ability to innovate increases human agency. If mankind wants to take action in the face of powerlessness, more of us need to become innovators. We need to democratize innovation.

Circular Economy & Behavioural Change

the end of the anthropocene

The chase for the next big thing, next better thing, all in the spirit of relentless growth, is no longer sustainable.

We are in urgent need for fixing broken systems, adjusting human behavior, and expanding our collective consciousness.

When technology is undermining our humanity instead of nurturing it, it’s time to rethink: What if we admit that human-centricity is a catalyst that accelerates and amplifies existing patterns? And in which way will the world change if we deny that human beings are exceptional?

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Karel Golta_Speaker_Humane Innovation

Thinking differently:

Moonshot Thinking

When was the last time you really tried to think differently? Or is it not necessary anymore, because AI can now/just take over?

We have a tendency to limit ourselves and our thinking, by using the excuse that we cannot imagine the unimaginable. Stop right there! Never heard of moonshots? Moonshots live in the grey zone between daring technology and pure science fiction. The opposite of limitation, they motivate people to surpass themselves and thus drive the innovation power of companies through exponential thinking and exponential creativity.