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April 6, 2022 // Hamburg

House of Beautiful Business

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AI and humans as a team

Think is an annual business & technology conference hosted/organized by IBM. In addition to the main conference in California, various summits take place throughout the year. Karel Gol-ta gave a presentation in San Francisco and explained how human colleagues, data, and AI can successfully work together as a team.

ADC Festival – May 2019 – hamburg

More action in the creative industry

The ADC festival is one of the largest and most important meetings of creative minds in German-speaking countries. For one week it’s all about trends, visions, and inspirations. Karel Golta engaged participants by telling them how entire industries can become innovative: teach innovation as a skill that can be learned.

Digital kindergarten – June 2019 – hamburg

Innovation at the Millerntor

The digital kindergarten supports brands and companies to drive their business forward digi-tally. Karel Golta delivered a speech on rethinking what’s humanly possible and his company, Indeed Innovation, captured the attention of the fair’s visitors with an AI installation.


Anti-fragile and crisis-proof

Due to the global lockdown, FEI BOSTON turned into FEI (Front End Innovation) Digital Week. Karel Golta dealt extensively with the subject of “Anti-fragile Innovation” and together with his colleague, Eunji Park (Strategic Design Lead at Indeed Innovation), presented this disruptive approach to innovation in a webinar format.

solutions: – september 2020 – hamburg
solutions 2020

Agile and courageous for the future

Thanks to the ‚solutions‘-makers’ boldness we finally experienced our first live performance after the Corona lockdown. They decided to start an hybrid-event which meant that Karel Golta’s cutting-edge lecture on the circular economy could actually take place on stage. With ‚Warum Ketchup die Welt nicht retten wird’ (‚Why Ketchup Won’t Save the World‘) he appealed impressively to all of us to be part of the decisive changes that are necessary to bring the world into harmony economically, socially and ecologically.

Karel Golta Sprecher auf der solutions: 2020
Karel Golta Speaker at solutions: 2020
aware – september 2020 – berlin
solutions 2020

How sustainable innovation can change the world

While the Corona-pandamic overshadows a lot, this event was really encouraging: the Aware-conference was a flood of inspiring thoughts, ideas and insights about how sustainable innovation can change the way we think, live and act. And so did Karel’s keynote: ‚Material as a service‘ shows companies how to change their business models usefully without leaving it all behind. The target: becoming sustainable and circular.

House of Beautiful Business – October 2020 – online & Hamburg
House of Beautiful Business

Reinvent your business – from human-centric to humane

When the initiators of the House of Beautiful Business started to plan their annual event, nobody could have guessed how appropriate this title would become: But in contrast to the global anti-issue Corona ‘The Great Wave’ swept away thousands of people all around the world with enthusiasm and optimism.

And so did Karel: With his keynote he inspired the audience to imagine a new business and innovation culture, which no longer puts the humans in the center of the universe but cares for all life on earth: Recoding innovation from human-centric to ‘humane’.

All sessions can be rewatched – access to the whole content is online until the end of the year!

ICPHso – October 2020 – online
Karel Golta speaker at the ICPHSO 2020
Skincare Techclub – October 2020 – Hamburg
Karel Golta speaker at the ICPHSO 2020
Art Directors Club of Europe – November 2020 – online
House of Beautiful Business

Prototyping brands for a new era

The ADCE European Creativity Festival launches this year with a one-of-a-kind format: The Festival of Festivals. A collective and interactive space, co-organised by and with the local member clubs.

Karels part was an appeal to the creatives: Creating cool products and services is no longer good enough, when the world ist on fire! He reminded that the chase for the next big and better thing is obsolete and that it should be the creative’s duty to keep an eye on the next generation and therefore on sustainability.

London Metal Exchange Week – November 2020 – online
House of Beautiful Business

Thinking about metals for progress

Due to the Corona pandemic this year’s London Metal Exchange Week (the annual meeting of the global metals community) was held as a virtual event, and Aurubis as one of the leading players talked about sustainability and improvement of innovation processes.

As an expert for Humane Innovation Karel Golta was invited to hold a keynote and so he talked about recoding innovation.

Ideenmanagement Forum – November 2020 – online
Karel Golta speaker at the ICPHSO 2020
Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft – March 2021 – online
Karel Golta speaker at the ICPHSO 2020